Copperkill Mountainhome

“The Copperkill Mountainhome is the largest underground dwarven settlement that anyone around here as ever heard of. They say the dwarves there actually have beards made of copper, but it’s really just wiry red hair. Don’t ask me how I found that out. Anyway, they’re renowned for their strange weaponry, made with ore from the nearby Thundering Mountain. Being struck even the slightest blow by a Copperkill hammer will knock the wind out you. Don’t ask me about that, either.”

- The bard Elvis Cupshigh

We gave our lives
to defend our home
But the darkness came
from deep below

We left the stone
Under the sun we fled
We left the mountainhome
To flee the dead

O, make the iron cold
O, let the mithril fold
O, let the thunder roll
O, let the copper smold

- Ancient dwarfsong dating back from before Copperkill Mountainhome was retaken

Notable People
  • Borkun Thunderstone – Dwarven Paladin of Moradin

Copperkill Mountainhome

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