City of Dragons

The City of Dragons is a major city with a population of somewhere between ten and fifteen thousand. The city has a large Dragonborn majority, with a large minority of dwarves and a sprinkling of other races. The city is bordered to the West by The Valley of Bones, effectively closing off the valley and keeping the undead bottled up.

The name for the city in Draconic (called the old language by many of the city’s inhabitants) is Darastrix Taoul.

The Five Boroughs, or Quintiles:
  • The White Temple District
  • The Red Temple District
  • The Blue Temple District
  • The Military District
  • The Dwarven District

The five boroughs that make up the city are separated by low-lying walls, and in various places, tall buildings. They are roughly separated by function, although with space at a premium, unaffiliated dwellings litter every bit of extra space not kept clear by strong hands and steel.

The city is built in the core of an inactive volcano, the cauldron of which has long filled with rainwater. This water, mixed with the poisonous detritus of the volcano, must be purified before drinking. Every morning, clerics of the White Temple flood a lock with a fresh supply of water from the crater lake. In a simple ritual, they call out to their gods to make the water safe to drink.

The White Temple

The White Temple is devoted to healing and clerical magic. Except for holy days, when the clerics have other duties, a long queue of the sick and injured extends around the pyramidal temple. The clerics of the White Temple also move quickly to bless the recently deceased in the city, as the necromantic energy of the Valley of Bones has been known to reawaken corpses. While the White Temple doesn’t have any one priest in charge, High Priestess Keyleth has proven a good point of contact for the party in the past.

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Notable People
  • Jasha
  • Sheriff Skyros
  • Highest Priestess Keyleth
  • High Priestess Meda
  • Davak the Priest

The Red Temple

The Red Temple provides much-needed distraction for the stressed population. Gambling, drinking, dancing, and other less savory activities and services can be purchased here for enough coin. Big Dan T. is the charismatic (and corpulent) owner of the temple. The Red Temple guards are known as the Heartless Bastards.

The Blue Temple

The Blue Temple is, for all intents and purposes, a bank. It provides loans to business owners, safekeeping for commoner’s savings, and employment for many a sellsword. While the rates for their services are high, the Blue Temple certainly ensures that its customers’ wealth remains safe. The Blue Temple’s guards are organized into squads named after precious gemstones, like the Amber, Ruby, and Emerald Squads. A gnome named Fiddle Glittergold is the highest ranking board member of the Blue Temple.

The Military District

With a seemingly-innumerable horde of undead right outside the city walls to the West, the City of Dragons needs a large standing army. The city’s army is traditionally led by a Chancellor and several generals, also known as Bashars. One notable Bashar is Stavros Aurumules, also known simply as The Bashar by many.

Notable Locations in the military district:
  • Castle Wintersbite (destroyed) – Where Chancellor Wintersbite and his vampire clan brewed explosives to bring down the shield wall.
  • The Sword and Board Tavern – Home to Ogdin the barkeep and host to Elvis Cupshigh, the infamous halfing bard.
  • Torrin’s Stables
  • Dragonfire Blacksmith
Notable People living in the military district
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The Dwarven District

Both the dwarves and the dragonborn claim that they were the first to settle the ancient volcano that became the City of Dragons. The bearded folk are well liked in the city on account of their alchemical and mining expertise. They assist in the defense of the city by providing alchemist’s fire to keep the undead from piling up on the Grand Gate, as well as by digging side tunnels through the connecting ridges to allow for forays into the Valley of Bones. Urist Silverbeard is the eldest member of the dwarven council and thus the best contact for military matters.

City of Dragons

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