Mordrin Relgar

Human Vampire/Rogue


Mordrin grew up hard and fast in the slums of Ravendale, a small town west of Winterhaven along the Cairngorm Mountains. Mordrin’s father was gone well before his birth, and his mother passed away near the end of his eleventh year. Left to fend for himself, Mordrin quickly fell in with the other orphaned delinquents of the slums, and eventually graduated to working as a roof runner and errand boy for the shady elements of Ravendale’s economy. After a close scrape with the authorities just after his eighteenth birthday, Mordrin decided that he had better chances bartering his more questionable skills to legitimate employers.

As Ravendale was in a near-war state with several goblin tribes who were conducting raids from the nearby Cairngorm mountains, the Guard for the city welcomed Mordrin’s skill in gathering information on the enemy while going unnoticed. During his time working for the city guard, Mordrin became equally adept at moving stealthily in the wilds as he already was at doing so in the city, and learned the goblin tongue in order to better learn of the enemy’s movements and plans.

After three years of service, Ravendale managed to drive off the strongest of the goblin raiders and recapture some of the spoils, allowing the noble Ravendale family, leaders of the city, to finally pay the Guard their back-wages. With a good amount of money in hand, and a magical crossbow and elven armor, taken from the recovered pillage and gifted to Mordrin as a sign of special gratitude from the Ravendale family, Mordrin has decided to travel abroad for a time and seek opportunities to further hone his skills.

Mordrin Relgar

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