Chancellor Wintersbite

Military Leader, Secret Vampire & Worshipper of Tiamat


Chancellor Othnar Wintersbite, a large, white dragonborn, was the leader of the City of Dragons military and a member of the Council of Five. He is a member of the Wintersbite Clan, which came to the City of Dragons after their village was destroyed during the initial flooding of the Valley of Bones with undead from the Shadowfell. The Wintersbite Clan forms an exclusive ethnic group which keeps mostly to itself.

The Wintersbite Clan has a near 100% enlistment in the city army. They feel compelled to retake their home of Alabaster Hollow.

Revealed secrets:
The Wintersbite Clan is known for having uncanny luck surviving encounters with the undead.
Turns out, they’re all vampires.

Wintersbite was originally a white dragon consort of Tiamat. Jesk was made with his severed fang.

He escaped with Lieutenant Prask and Mordrin.

Chancellor Wintersbite

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