Bashar Stavros Aurumules

"The Bashar"


Stavros Aurumules, known to many simply as “The Bashar” is an imposing red dragonborn. He is a Bashar (analogous to colonel) in the City of Dragons army. Almost seven feet tall, he has a booming voice and a natural inclination toward command and tactics. He is well respected by his soldiers for coming up through the ranks, as opposed to attending one of the two competing schools of swordmastery and joining as an officer.

The Bashar favors a gigantic two-handed claymore, with which he has put many undead to rest.


Wil’s unknowing father by a barmaid [Deceased: See Callithrax on Wil’s page] from Miner’s Pass.

“Come on, you whelps! Do you want to live forever?!”

Bashar Stavros Aurumules

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