Dragon's Blood

Rescue at The Rilark

Rescue Mordrin!

Mordrin was carried away by Wintersbite, but he wasn’t eaten. Mordrin’s time under the foul vampire dragon has changed him. He has taken up residence in an abandoned castle in the Valley of Bones called The Rilark.

The Rilark is a keep built in the motte-and-bailey style. While it is several miles from the City of Dragons, the tower is several stories high on top of the motte (a steep hill) such that it is well within sight range. The bailey has been overrun by mindless undead, but the keep itself is host to a squadron of Wintersbite clan soldiers, lead by Mordrin and Lieutenant Prask.

The tower of the Rilark was built hundreds of years ago by the dragonborn of the CoD on top of much older dwarven ruins. The original purpose of the Rilark has been lost, but the Wintersbite soldiers have been seen attaching large metal rods vertically to the outside of the tower. This is troublesome, and needs to be investigated.

Since the bailey surrounding the tower is overrun, there is only one sane way to enter the Rilark – through the tunnels. These haven’t been traversed since the initial flooding of the Valley with the undead after a cave-in, but the dwarves of the City of Dragons have volunteered to get the party through.

The party successfully infiltrated the Rilark and saved Mordrin – but they failed to subdue Lieutenant Prask. They found a buried warforged army in the basement of the Rilark, along with several activated warforged branded with the symbol of Tiamat. One warforged, Stargazer, was using the Wand of Storms to create lightning to activate unearthed warforged to fight for Wintersbite, but the party disabled him and took the wand.

Oddly, the party found a human man named Yakov of Vasilev in one of the basement cells of the Rilark. He claimed to be spreading the word of the Old Ones, and apparently made his way through the Valley of Bones unharmed. He smiles so often and unnaturally that it makes the party uncomfortable.

After Wintersbite showed up and rescued Prask, nearly knocking Notdem off of the roof, the party knocked out Mordrin and took him back to the city.



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