Dragon's Blood

Puzzle Madness

This week the party got through another two devious puzzles.

The first required them to find a hidden key to get through a complex lock. The party quickly figured out that only one of the mirrors was magical, and that, when viewing the small chest, they could see the key through the mirror, but not in reality. Although one would expect it would be easy to spot, the party took a while longer to figure out that rotating the mirror around an axis pointing out of the mirror caused the key to move. Once the party figured this out, they quickly caused the key to fall out of the mirror and unlocked the door.

The next puzzle was a bit trickier. A long, pentagonal hallway presented itself. Its floor, walls, and ceiling were covered in colored tiles in the theme of Tiamat, as well as the occasional field of densely-packed spikes. After some experimentation, the party discovered that the colored tiles caused the entire chamber to rotate, which made it tricky to avoid the spikes. The party also discovered that some tiles caused a fine line of razorwire to sweep through the hallway, most dangerously. With some experimentation, most of the party was able to get through the maze without falling into the spikes or triggering the razorwire, but Duncan chose to sever the razorwire when it came at him. This mostly worked, although he did suffer some non-life-threatening injuries.

What remains in the catacombs underneath Wintersbite Keep? Chancellor Wintersbite, of course!



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