Dragon's Blood

Pelor's Message

After the Dragolympics, Jasha returned to the White Temple to help resupply the orphanage’s kitchen. Exhausted, she stopped for a moment to kneel in front of the large, glowing mural of Pelor to pray, holding her symbol closely and counting out a prayer for each of the six points on the disk. She asked the Sun God for guidance on what to do about Mordrin’s unholy offspring.

Suddenly, her sun disk glowed with a warm and light. The mural of Pelor started to move; the pinwheel halo around his head became almost too bright to look at. Jasha realized that she was no longer alone in the chapel. Beside her was a motherly woman wearing white and yellow robes, which flowed in the warm breeze. She gave Jasha a gentle smile gestured for her to stand.

“Greetings, child. I am Sotillion, Queen of Summer and Exarch of Pelor. You have been chosen for a wonderful destiny.

Jasha. You are right to worry about the vampire’s child. While he is young and innocent, he has great capacity for evil. You must find a home for him outside the City, where he can be grow straight and tall in the sun. Left in the shadows of this city, he will become a terrible creature of the dark and a threat to all that live.

And one more thing – the Valley of Bones was once fertile farmland, the volcanic soil was rich, and the light flourished. The hills surrounding the Rilark were once covered in grape vines and olive trees. Heal the valley, drive out the undead. That is your charge.

Do this, and Pelor’s radiance will shine from you with light everlasting."

With that, she stepped into the painting and Jasha was alone.



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