Dragon's Blood


Save Mordrin from Wintersbite's Influence!

Once the party brought Mordrin back from The Rilark, they set to work determining how to break Chancellor Wintersbite’s control on the rogue. Jasha researched how to do this in the White Temple, but she could only find ways to remove the vampirism entirely, most of which had a good chance of killing Mordrin.

So Sered offered to dive into Mordrin’s mind and dreams to help save him. The ritual set, the incense burned, the party tranced. They dove into his dreams and themselves in Ravendale, in the midst of a goblin siege. Mordrin, looking about eight years old, was bent over a dead woman and taking items off of her body. Jasha convinced Mordrin to leave the danger of the street for a warehouse, during which time Mordrin stole rations out of her pack.

In the warehouse, they were ambushed by several images of Wintersbite. The party was able to defeat them before they were able to drag Mordrin away through the strange light, thus freeing him from Wintersbite’s influence… hopefully.

The worst part is they still don’t know whether the woman Mordrin was looting was his mother.



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