Dragon's Blood

To encourage mutual cooperation, the Protectorate holds a competitive sporting event every year during peacetime. There are many events, including archery, conjuration, foot races, obstacle courses, and everyone’s favorite, gladiatorial combat.

Contestants from all over the continent traveled to the City of Dragons Byron’s Landing, Littleton, Copperkill, Singing Vale, and Moonstone all had contestants. Notably, in the city-state category, the Singing Vale won the gladiatorial combat gold medal.

In the Adventurer’s/Solo Entry category for the Gauntlet obstacle course, Mordrin Relgar won the gold, with Jasha coming in fourth, and Notdem last. This year, the portcullis lift obstacle was the hardest. The party also won their 4v4 Gladiatorial Combat round, versus a group consisting of some of the Protectorate’s best. They fought Captain Tidonius, Ninduin the elf ranger, Fosco the Illusionist, and Borkun the paladin.

Despite that Fosco was able to trick some of the party into believing that the dragon statue in the middle of the arena had come to life as Chancellor Wintersbite in dragon form, the party was finally able to break the gnome’s concentration and win the battle.



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